Bridging the gap
between capital markets and digital assets

Institutional and Secure Solutions for issuers and investors

Societe Generale – FORGE provides issuers and investors with innovative services to issue and manage digital-native financial products registered on the blockchain, leveraging on Societe Generale Group teams expertise
Digital Asset Structuring

Drawn on a full range of in-house business, legal, compliance and technical expertise to strucure digital-native securities

Digital Asset Servicing

Benefit from a bank-grade platform to issue and manage security tokens

Banking Services

Access a broad range of additional services provided by Societe Generale Group

Compliant, interoperable and adaptive solutions

Societe Generale – FORGE services are built upon legal, operational and technical frameworks, designed to ensure full legal and regulatory compliance from day one, allow simple integration within legacy systems (thus limiting adaptation costs), and enable the use of different blockchain protocols
Compliant by Design

Solutions designed to be fully compliant with capital market practices

Seamless Integration

Open-source components to interact with existing legacy systems, using widespread standards (e.g. SWIFT)

Blockchain agnostic

Multiple blockchain protocols available for issuance

Why Societe Generale – FORGE ?

  1. Our services are underpinned by the reputation, experience, knowledge, skill and relationships that Societe Generale has built up in financial services over the last 150 years.
  2. We built out our capabilities in a test and learn approach, based on real world transactions.
  3. Our solutions are rigorously tested and audited by security, legal and compliance experts to ensure that they meet all the relevant regulatory and best-practice requirements.
  4. Because we have a deep knowledge of capital markets transactions, we design solutions that fit Front-to-Back operational and technical requirements, ensuring you can integrate your transactions into your legacy systems.


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17 Jan 2023Societe Generale–FORGE has granted a loan to its mother company Societe Generale to refinance covered bonds held by the bank in the form of Security Tokens issued natively on the Ethereum public blockchain (the OFH Tokens). SG-FORGE funded this loan in the crypto market by borrowing DAI stablecoins from MakerDAO, a market-leading decentralized finance (‘DeFi’) protocol. The OFH Tokens were used as loan collateral and pledged by SG-FORGE to the benefit of the MakerDAO protocol.