Professional investors can now invest in structured products registered on public blockchains

SG Forge supports Societe Generale as Registrar and Settlement Agent for the issuance of debt instruments registered on Ethereum and Tezos public blockchains, under the Debt Instrument Issuance Programme of Société Générale.

These securities, in the form of tokens (the Security Tokens), have the potential to significantly improve efficiency, speed and transparency in capital markets and make transactions safer and more resilient. They are characterized as debt securities and financial instruments under MIFID II and, in that respect, benefit from the same legal framework and conditions than traditional securities.

The Societe Generale structured products registered on blockchain benefit from the same liquidity conditions and valuations provided by Societe Generale than other Societe Generale structured product issuances.

Societe Generale cross asset expertise brings together equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and funds structuring capabilities to provide professional investors with tailor made investment solutions.
For the 10th year in a row, Societe Generale took home the main prize for Best House Europe, thus reinforcing, once again, our place as a world-leading derivates house.


  • Best House Europe
  • Best House France
  • Best House Yield Enhancement
  • Best Warrant Provider
  • Best Proprietary Index
  • Best Issuance platform
  • Best House ESG




Structured Products | Important information and risks

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