Security token benefits for issuers

Compliant and straightforward Issuances

Issue faster

We provide a shorten product life-cycle from structuration to issuance, and allowing you to implement new security tokens almost instantaneously from our platform.

Be compliant

We developed “off-the-shelf” security token packages, with smart contract libraries for a large variety of financial instruments (bonds, structured products…);

To address blockchain specific issues, our packages include legal opinions guaranteeing compliance and contract templates.

Leverage on a unique, transparent security registry

Our security tokens embed by-design both noteholders balances and a registry of all related financial transactions (including corporate actions).

Reach new investors

We offer you a worldwide reach of investors pools by issuing your security tokens on public blockchain protocoles (in accordance to applicable local regulation constraints, and eligibility criteria).

In a nutshell

Immediate benefits

  • Straightforward issuance
  • Fewer intermediaries, increased automation
  • Investor pool diversification

Long-term benefits

  • Simplified post-trade processes
  • Issuance industrialization
  • Facilitated liability management

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