Security token benefits
for issuers

Immediate benefits
  • Straightforward issuance
  • Fewer intermediaries, increased automation
  • Investor pool diversification
Long-term benefits
  • Simplified post-trade processes
  • Issuance industrialization
  • Facilitated liability management

Compliant and straightforward Issuances

Issue faster

We provide a shorten product life-cycle from structuration to issuance, and allowing you to implement new security tokens almost instantaneously from our platform.

Be compliant

We developed “off-the-shelf” security token packages, with smart contract libraries for a large variety of financial instruments (bonds, structured products…);

To address blockchain specific issues, our packages include operational set-ups facilitating compliance with capital market practices.

Leverage on a unique, transparent security registry

Our security tokens embed by-design both noteholders balances and a registry of all related financial transactions (including corporate actions).

Reach investors worldwide

We offer you a worldwide reach of investors by issuing your security tokens on public blockchain protocols.

  • Faster execution
  • Compliance
  • Transparency
  • Worldwide reach

Products for issuers

Smart Cash

Alternative to certificates of deposits designed for money market investors, issued by SG Issuer

Structured Products

Issuance by Societe Generale Group of structured products registered on Ethereum and Tezos public blockchains