Security token benefits

Immediate benefits
  • Settlement speed
  • Transparency on financial and operational structuration
  • Simple and unified infrastructure across assets
Long-term benefits
  • Simplified post-trade processes
  • Liquidity diversification
  • Portfolio diversification

Rely on a worldwide unified market infrastructure

Issue faster

Benefit from a shortened settlement cycle as blockchain technology allows for almost instantaneous execution.

Be compliant

Security tokens you invest in comply with capital market standards (see Issuers).

Leverage on a unique, transparent security registry

Access security tokens financial features and calculation methods (such as complex pay-offs), hard-coded within underlying smart contracts.

Reach investors worldwide

As any other market participants (Brokers, Dealers, Market Makers, etc.) you have direct and easy access to a worldwide market infrastructure.

Costs and charges

Relevant information on cost and charges for professional clients and eligible counterparties is available upon request with your usual contact persons at Societe Generale-Forge.
Please note that the costs and charges may vary according to the specific circumstances of each transaction. In any event, our pricing will be determined in accordance with our best execution policy.

  • Faster execution
  • Compliance
  • Transparency
  • Worldwide reach

Products for inverstors


Stablecoin providing a bridge between the traditional financial system and the digital assets world issued by Societe Generale-FORGE

Smart Cash

Alternative to certificates of deposits designed for money market investors, issued by SG Issuer

Structured Products

Issuance by Societe Generale Group of structured products registered on Ethereum and Tezos public blockchains