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Societe Generale – € 10,000,000100%

an institutional-grade stablecoin with full transparency

We integrated all of Societe Generale expertise to deliver EUR CoinVertible (EURCV), a stablecoin to provide a bridge between the traditional financial system and the digital assets world. By being fully collateralized, transparent, and meeting regulatory requirements while being available on public blockchains, it can offer the benefits of digital assets such as efficiency and security while reducing the volatility associated with many cryptocurrencies.

Complete transparency on stablecoin and collateral positions, with data updated every business day on SG-FORGE website and a comprehensive set of white paper and terms & conditions.

Legal structure guaranteeing (i) the segregation of the collateral assets held to back the value of the stablecoins and (ii) the recourse given to token-holders on the collateral assets in case of default.

Robust collateral structure with stringent collateral eligibility criteria (minimum rating, liquidity) and full availability of such collateral (insulated from SG-FORGE estate, unencumbered).

Technical implementation through the CAST* Framework to provide streamlined solutions that are compatible and compliant with traditional financial practices, e.g. know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) regulations.

(*) The Compliant Architecture for Security Token (CAST) framework provides practical open-source propositions for distributed ledger technology integration within current financial infrastructures.

SGF_Coinvertible_White Paper v1.0 first page

EURCV Ethereum smartcontract: 0xf7790914Dc335B20Aa19D7c9C9171e14e278A134